Capitalism is not the enemy in business

Oct 4, 2020 | 0 comments

I have been criticised in the past…..

People have called me a capitalist because I teach how to make money. These are the ones who see corporations and companies as the enemy, and I have to agree that some of them don’t have integrity.

However we need capitalism in order to make an impact.

Childhood programming is responsible for thinking money is evil, that if we make money we’ll become greedy, however money is just units of choice, energy that we exchange for things. The more we have, the more exchanges we can do and the more impact we can make.

We get to choose how we use it.

If you are someone who really wants to make a difference, it’s very difficult to create real change in the world by working in a 9-5 job exchanging time for money.

As creative entrepreneurs we have the opportunity to be inspiring, to rise up and pave a new path in business so we can leave our own legacy for future generations.

It is my mission to do this and it is what drives me every day. Money gives me the freedom to be able to support others as well as to contribute to worthwhile causes that are benefiting humanity.

If this makes me an evil capitalist then what contribution are you making to humanity?

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