Email marketing is still superior

Dec 4, 2020 | 0 comments

I recently did a little experiment because I’m sick of people saying email marketing is dead. It is not dead and it will not die unless the entire internet closes down.

I ran some ads to cold traffic with an epic lead magnet I created called “How to Look Like a Professional on Camera”. I then sent 3 emails to 100 email addresses and followed them up with a pitch to buy a product worth USD997.

Out of the 100, five people bought the product!

That’s a 5% success rate!

This worked because I understand the psychology behind my niche and I’m very good at targeting my ads. And of course I had a valuable lead magnet and quality email list. You must have these things in order for it to work.

There are 3 reasons why email marketing is better:

1. You own the data.

We don’t own the data we collect on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. If we don’t adhere to their rules, or if they decide to change the rules of how we market, then we lose all those contacts and all that information.

2. The money is in the niche.

You can really niche email marketing by making sure that the people on that list are exactly who you want to be marketing to.

Once you collect their email addresses use a combination of social media marketing and email. People are more likely to open an email and it’s easier to measure who opens an email as opposed to who sees a Facebook post.

You get more captured attention on email so it’s much easier to convert them that way than on a social media post because it is so noisy online.

3. There’s literally a 42 times return on investment on email marketing.

This means for every dollar you put in, you should expect a $42 return as long as you do email marketing correctly.

It all starts with a really good lead magnet which you can utilise on places such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or you could just do a good old-fashioned mailout and drive people to opt-in for your email.

It’s crazy to me that people aren’t taking advantage of email marketing so go ahead and try it, then let me know how you go.

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