Let business be business

Nov 4, 2020 | 0 comments

I spent a long time in the spiritual space. In fact, until 5 years ago I wanted to be enlightened.

…I’ve sat at the feet of gurus

…Travelled to India in search of enlightenment

…I’ve been in temples, studied Zen Buddhism for 17 years

…Sat staring at a wall in meditation for 11 hours a day.

If you calculate all of the meditation retreats I did over my lifetime, I’ve been an entrepreneur for equally the same amount of time.

The main valuable thing I learned from this experience is that humans are innately inconsistent.

One of my gurus told me that if you ask someone the same question from 5 years old then every 5 years for the rest of their life, you’ll get a different answer each time. Of course this is normal because we grow and evolve throughout life, however we must maintain integrity.

In order to have effective business it must be measurable. It must have KPI’s, contracts, and agreements, and both parties must keep those contracts and agreements. However, I find it common in the “spiritual business” space that when suddenly someone feels like things are out of alignment they break these agreements and contracts. And this isn’t a good look.

Of course we want to have a business that supports our values, but let business be business. People can change their minds, however when one is making decisions that are transactional in a business context please consider that before you make the transactions.

If you’re going to enter into business agreements make sure you’re entering into something that is tangible and aligns with your mission, even when you grow and evolve, and your business shifts.

This is what I’ve created in Boss B*tch because I’m all about integrity and keeping my word.

So if you’re someone who likes to change with the wind then this may not be the right place for you.

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